Introduction to the Adult Social Care Sector 21st - 23rd

Becoming Self Employed Part 1 - 21st - 23rd

Coping with Stress - 23rd - 25th

Introduction to Learning - 24th

Personal Confidence and Assertiveness - 25th - 27th

Beginners' ICT - 25th - 27th

ESOL Progression (Reading) - 28th - 30th

Applying Fractions and Percentages - 28th - 30th



Political Engagement 4th - 6th

ESOL Progression (writing) 4th - 6th

Step Up To Succeed (employability and development skills) 4th (for 10 weeks)

Design Camp - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign - 11th (for 10 weeks)

IT for the Workplace: IT Fundamentals Part 2 6th - 8th

Working with People with Specific Needs 6th - 8th

Skills for Work Success Part 2 6th - 8th

Talk English ESOL Teacher training 11th and 12th (non residential)

Dealing with Bullying and Conflict 11th - 13th

Literacy Practice 13th - 15th

Becoming Self-Employed Part 2 18th - 20th

Yoga 18th

IT for the Workplace 20th - 22nd

Understanding Dyslexia 20th - 22nd

Anger Management (men) 22nd - 24th

Creative Writing 25th

Mindfulness 26th

Anger Management (women) 29th - 1st December

Arts and Crafts for Emotional Wellbeing 27th - 29th

Introduction to Counselling 27th - 29th

Poetry for Relaxation 29th



Bringing Data to Life 2nd - 4th

Applying for Work 2nd - 4th

Rights and Responsibilities 4th - 6th 

Beginner ICT4th - 6th

Confidence with Numbers 9th - 11th

Developing Personal Confidence and Improving Your Assertiveness 9th - 11th

Supporting with Bereavement and Loss 13th - 15th

Awareness of the Role and Responsibilities of the Adult Social Care Worker 13th - 15th

Parenting Skills 17th - 18th (non residential)

Introduction to Learning 17th





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