Thankfully the weather has been ok during Lockdown so far. An ideal time to watch hubby working in the garden. I managed to procure a desk and swivel chair from my daughter’s flat before we were banned from being near each other by the Lockdown rules and I have placed them by the window that looks onto the garden. People probably notice me looking distracted during online meetings sometimes and that’s because I love seeing the birds making full use of the birdbath and food laid out for them. Something I never saw when I used to spend 12 hours each day getting to work at the college, followed by a full working day and the journey home. The other distraction is sometimes the sound of my husband practising the bass guitar in the background. He plays for a Joy Division tribute band that had 40 gigs planned for this year but of course, everything is on hold. My furloughed daughter walks to my house sometimes and sits on the wall in the front garden for a chat, and I stand in my doorway. My husband has to attend a funeral in June and as he has an increasingly growing head of hair, I realise the time is approaching for me to learn how to cut it. Now – where are those kitchen scissors….?