Personal and Social Development courses can help you to understand and improve your own life situation and your relationships with others. They can also support decisions you make in looking for work, or new training opportunities.

Entry 3 / Level 1 courses are ideal if you’re new to learning or the subject area.

Level 2 courses offer an opportunity to develop yourself and apply theory to real-life situations.

Level 1 and 2

Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness

22-24 Oct (Mon-Wed) 

5-7 Dec (Wed-Fri)

This course will explore how confidence levels are affected by experiences, thoughts and the world around you. 

Level 1 and level 2

Coping with Stress

7 -9 Nov (Wed-Fri)

You will learn about the symptoms, causes and effects of stress, and different ways of coping with stress.

Level 1 and 2

Understanding Human Behaviour in Relationships

19-21 Oct (Fri-Sun)

This course gives you the opportunity to examine your own behaviour and your relationships with partners, family members, friends and colleagues.

Level 1 and 2

Anger Management

19-21 Oct (Fri - Sun) Women Only

14-16 Dec (Fri-Sun) Men Only

You will examine what triggers anger and how well people are conditioned to deal with it, or not.

Level 1/2

Health and Fitness for Life

14-16 Nov (Wed-Fri) Men Only

28-30 Nov (Wed-Fri) Women Only

Health and Fitness for Life helps you look at your personal health and well-being; your diet, exercise, fitness and sexual health.

Entry 3 / Level 1

Improving Assertiveness and Decision Making Skills

31 Oct-2 Nov (Wed-Fri)

30 Nov-2 Dec (Fri-Sun)

You will explore how to improve the decisions you make, understand your rights and responsibilities and how to assert yourself more fully.

Level 1/ 2

Parenting Skills

21-23 Sep (Fri – Sun)

This first course looks at the role of parents or guardians and how this relates to other family members in terms of their needs.

Level: Entry

Shapeshifters, Leading, Organising Alliance Building the Black Community

20-22 Aug (Mon-Wed)

A course to enable adults to explore their leadership potential .