This course covers the importance of presentation software – impact/where it can be used; the principles of good communication and looks at examples of public speaking.  It promotes discussion around overcoming glossophobia (fear of public speaking) and gives a student an opportunity to engage in role-play, look at barriers to effective communication and research topics to present and learn how to use the software in order to present effectively.


Dates and Times

25th January 2021 - 27th January 2021

9AM- 12PM

(3 Days- 2 Nights) 


1st March 2021- 3rd March 2021

9AM - 12PM 

(3 Days - 2 Nights)


Level Level 1
Learning Outcomes

You will cover the following:

  • Presentation Software - Its importance and impact
  • Principles of good communication 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Role play
Entry Requirements
You must have complete IT the Basics or have a beginners level of ICT knowledge

You might also be in interested in IT for the workplace