Residential at the college

Psychopathology is sometimes referred to as abnormal psychology and it is the study of behaviours and thoughts associated with mental ill-health. 25% of people in the UK report issues with mental health each year, some of the common illnesses are schizophrenia, depression and anxiety but there are a great many mental health issues which people suffer from every day. psychopathology is very complex however this course is a basic introduction to some of the common mental health issues and treatments available. This course would be useful for someone who is interested in mental health issues or who is considering entering a career working with people who have mental health issues.


7th June 2021- 9th June 2021 (3 Days - 2 Nights) 


Level 1 

Learning Outcomes

You will cover the types of mental health issues and treatments.


You may wish to progress onto our other Psychology courses, Pre-Access, or our Science and Health courses