Residential at the College

This course aims to support your development of key skills in reading and writing.


8th December 2021 - 10th December 2021 (3 Days - 2 Nights)


9th March 2022 - 11th March 2022 ( 3 Days - Nights)



All English courses are free to everyone


Entry Level 3

Entry Requirements

You must be working at an entry-level 3 in literacy. 

Learning Outcomes 

You will cover the following:

  • How to communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly, write a variety of texts and use language appropriately.
  • You will look at main points and ideas in a text, identify different purposes, use effective strategies to find the meaning of words and understand features of texts


  • This course is a perfect platform for developing your English skills and progressing onto Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills English courses in the future.
  • Completion of this course will increase your confidence and motivation, and the skills you gain will be valuable in the workplace or in further and higher education courses.