Residential at the college

Being resilient is about being able to recover from difficult and often challenging situations. With the impact of COVID on our mental well-being, it is important now more than ever, we understand how resilience and healthy ways of coping can act as a buffer to the challenging situations we may experience. 

This course will explore what it means to be resilient and how improving resilience and perhaps learning to employ certain coping strategies can improve a person's wellbeing and choices. This is an introductory course directed at anyone who wants to learn more about resilience and coping strategies


21st January 2022 - 23rd January 2022 (3 Days - 2 Nights)


25th February - 27th February 2022


8th April 2022 - 10th April 2022 (3 Days - 2 Nights)



3 day (2 night) residential courses cost from £0 - £50 depending on your income


Level 1 

Entry requirements 

You must be working at an entry-level 3 or above in literacy. 

Learning Outcomes 

You will cover the following:

  • Definitions of resilience and coping
  • Ways to improve resilience
  • Different coping mechanisms.


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