Skills for Further Study courses can also provide some of the essential skills suitable for learners who wish to progress on to courses at Level 3 (particularly our Access to Higher Education Diploma) and possibly higher education after that.

Tutors at Fircroft College use a variety of materials relevant to each subject in order for you to apply the skills you learn and to make the learning interesting and enjoyable.

Keep scrolling to find the right course for you. 

Introduction to Psychology

Level 2

20th January 2020 (Mon-Wed)

This course is designed for anyone who has an interest in Psychology and wants to understand what is studied in Psychology. During this course you will outline the main approaches in psychology and look at some of the research methods used. You will also look into different careers paths open to psychologist and some of the ethics which need to be considered.

Critical Thinking

Level 2

17th January 2020 (Fri-Sun)

Do you ever read an article in a newspaper or watch a programme on TV and wonder; what is true, what isn’t true and what is exaggerated? This is called critical thinking and on

this course, you will concentrate on developing your critical thinking skills, enabling you to look at academic and everyday subjects from a critical thinking based perspective

Creative Writing

Level 2

25th November 2019 (Mon-Wed)

If you enjoy writing for pleasure or you haven’t done much free writing, but feel that you would like to, then this course could help you to unlock your creative potential.

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