Skills for Volunteering and Work courses are particularly useful for those who are working towards becoming support workers and those looking to enter the jobs market.

You may also benefit from having completed some of the courses in the Personal and Social Development area for some of these courses.

Level 2

Introduction to Mentoring

06 – 08 Apr (Fri – Sun)

The course is designed for Volunteers who may be working in a support role, or people in employment.

Level 1 and 2

Introduction to Drug and Alcohol Awareness

23 – 25 Apr (Mon – Wed)

25 – 27 June (Mon – Wed)

Alcohol and drug misuse is one of the areas that many people encounter but feel helpless to know what to say or do to support change.

Level 2

Understanding Mental Health

08 – 10 June (Fri – Sun)

This course aims to help you better understand the term ‘mental health’ and recognise methods for treating/managing mental illness and its effects.

Level 2

Introduction to Counselling

06 – 08 Apr (Fri – Sun)

27 – 29 June (Wed – Fri)

This course looks at what counselling means.

Level 2

Introduction to Coaching Skills

18 – 20 May (Fri – Sun)

This course looks at the fulfilling role of being able to understand and coach others through change.

Level E3 and L1

Applying For Work (one day course)

12 June (Tues)

This new one day course takes you through the skills needed in preparing a good CV and job application.

Level 2

Advocacy for Support Workers

12 – 14 Mar (Mon – Wed)

Advocacy is a skill set that allows you to be the voice of, or for, the person you are supporting.

Level 1

Skills at Work

26 - 28 Feb (Mon - Wed)

14 – 16 May (Mon – Wed)

This course looks at some of the skills needed to be successful in the work place.

Level 1

Becoming Self-Employed 

18 - 20 April (Wed - Fri)

06 – 08 June (Wed – Fri)

This course takes you through some of the initial ideas for becoming self-employed.

Level 1 and 2

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (two-part course)

09 – 11 Apr (Mon – Wed) Part 2

This two-part course equips you with skills, confidence and useful techniques.

Level 1 and 2

So You Want to be a Volunteer?

16 – 18 Mar (Fri – Sun)

If you’re considering how volunteering could benefit you and your community, this is the ideal course.

Level 1,2 & 3

Training the Trainer (two-part course)

07 – 09 Mar (Wed – Fri) Part 1

14 – 17 May (Mon – Thurs) Part 2

This course gives you new skills and enables your organisation to introduce in-house training.

Level 1 and 2

Personal Money Matters

04 – 06 May (Fri – Sun)

Learn how to manage your own personal finances more effectively, save money and cut costs.