As well as completing the college's Skills for Work and Volunteering, students may also benefit from having completed some of the courses in the Personal and Social Development area for some of these courses.

Step up to Succeed (Certificate in Employability and Development)

Level 2

This course gives you the opportunity to obtain a Certificate in Employability and Development and it is an ideal next step for those people wanting to apply for a job or an apprenticeship in the future. 

Introduction to Coaching Skills

Level 2

Being able to understand and coach others through change is a very fulfilling role. This course looks at how powerful this approach can be in allowing the people that you work with to overcome blocks that have held them back in life, and will give you an awareness of the different tools needed when coaching.


Introduction to Mentoring

Level 2

The course is designed for Volunteers who may be working in a support role, or people in employment. On this course you will look at the role of a mentor and how to build and develop a positive relationship with the client that you are supporting and working with.


Understanding Mental Health

Level 2

This course aims to help you better understand the term ‘mental health’ and recognise methods for treating/ managing mental illness and its effects. It also looks at the role played by care workers and agencies in supporting those affected by mental health issues.

Introduction to the Adult Social Care Sector

Level 1

If you are considering working in the Social care sector, this course will explore some important information about working in the sector and different of social care and their purpose. The course also explores range of jobs available and settings where adult social care support is provided.

Becoming Self-Employed: Part 1

Level 1

This course takes you through some of the initial ideas for becoming self-employed. It looks at the options available, what it takes to become self-employed and what some of the challenges and benefits are.

Becoming Self-Employed: Part 2

Level 2 

This course is for those who have attended the course; Becoming Self Employed Part 1 and wish to develop an effective plan for growth and success.

  • Do you want to grow a successful business?
  • Do you want to attract more customers?
  • Are you keen to achieve specific goals, such as securing a loan or winning a contract?

A good business plan can help attract the investment you need and give you a clear overview of the challenges you may face.

Working with People with Specific Needs

Level 1 

This course is an introductory course designed for people who are supporting someone with a specific need or plan to work as a volunteer or in a support role with someone with specific needs. The course will enable you to improve your knowledge and understanding of people with specific needs; what these needs are and how they vary, what support is available to access and what  further training might be needed.

Introduction to Counselling

Entry/Level 1

New dates to be announced soon 

This course looks at what counselling means and will develop your communication and listening skills when talking with or supporting others within a work or volunteering


Applying for Work

Level 2

This course takes you through the skills needed in preparing a good CV and job application. You will look at the best structure, identifying the right content, explaining any gaps and getting across the positive message you want to give to potential employers or volunteering organisations.

Supporting with Bereavement and Loss

Level 2 

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This course will raise your awareness of bereavement and loss, to develop your understanding when helping others. We will be exploring the process of understanding grief and looking at signs and symptoms of grief. To do this we will cover the theory of Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross “5 Stages of Grief” as well as looking at different types of loss. We will also be researching the various support agencies available to help individuals during this period.


Awareness of the Role and Responsibilities of an Adult Social Care Worker

Level 2 

The course is ideal for those who have completed the “Introduction to the Adult Social Care Sector” course. The course explores main responsibilities of an adult social care worker whilst identifying the and limite to the relationship between care worker and individual. It also looks at the daily tasks in a range of adult social care roles.

Training the Trainer: Part 1

Level 2

Further dates to be announced soon.

This course gives you new skills and enables your organisation to introduce in-house training. This is a two-part course leading to Open College Network accreditation at Levels 1 & 2. Part 1 looks at what makes a good trainer and how adults learn. You can progress your knowledge by take our Level 3 Award in Education and Training.


Training the Trainer: Part 2

Level 2

Further dates to be announced soon

This course gives you new skills and enables your organisation to introduce in-house training. This is a two-part course leading to Open College Network accreditation at Levels 1 & 2. Part 2 focuses on delivering training with a strong focus on practical exercises, followed by review and individual support from Fircroft own tutors. You can progress your knowledge by take our Level 3 Award in Education and Training.


So you want to become a volunteer?

Level 2

Further dates to be announced soon

If you’re considering how volunteering could benefit you and your community, this is the ideal course! You will explore how to find volunteering opportunities and how they can develop your skills and confidence, prepare you for paid work and help you to meet new people.

 Dimensions of Abuse

Level 2

If you work with or wish to work to support people you will recognise that there are many barriers to hinder us from fulfilling our potential. Recognising dimensions of abuse can help with this. 

Introduction to Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Level 2

Alcohol and drug misuse is one of the areas that many people encounter but feel helpless to know what to say or do to support change. This course looks at alcohol and different types of drugs, their effects and different types of drugs and their effects. The course also explores into some counselling skills that may help your clients to talk about these concerns.


Pre-Employment Training for the Care Sector

Level 1

The course is designed to give you a boost in your employability skills and confidence.  Key areas covered are: employability skills, job seeking, applying for work (Digital age) interview skills and other skills needed for the Care sector.

Advocacy for Support Workers

Level 2

Advocacy is a skill set that allows you to be the voice of, or for, the person you are supporting. This course will give you an awareness of the different skills needed when advocating for others. This awareness allows you to be more mindful when working with your client or when referring them for additional support or involving other agencies.

Getting into Nursing 

This course explores the skills and qualifications you need to plan your nursing career. It looks at the 4 different areas of nursing: Adult, Children, Mental Health and Learning Disability. 

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills  

Level 1

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to be able to deliver an effective presentation.The course equips you with the skills, confidence and useful techniques to help stand up and deliver effective presentations using a range of media, including PowerPoint.

Courses have been postponed until further notice.