Learning to become a better world 

We have always been an inclusive college. With the principles of social justice embedded within our college’s values and the ultimate vision of providing the local community with learning to become a better world. The coronavirus decimated the communities we knew, isolated us all from each other and we are now trying to come to terms with what looks like a new way of living for the foreseeable future. As humans we are not meant to live apart from each other and being a useful and physical part of society is fundamental to human survival in many ways.

The courses and immersive learning environment that we have always provided aim to empower our students to further integrate into their community, stand proud, have a voice and be counted as a unique and equally valuable individual. We have always embedded social justice throughout the courses we offer and the whole ethos of the college. Social justice can be described as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society” (Oxford Languages, online).

We vehemently condemn any form of prejudice shown to any member of society and will not tolerate or support any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, religious discrimination and all other forms of prejudice, in any way. We are a vibrant, supportive and caring place because we look at the individual – with both students and staff. We have always had representatives from many groups within society on our staff and we employ people who we feel are right for the job. We constantly strive to ensure our workforce reflects the colourful, diverse community we are part of.

Realising we are not perfect and always have more to learn, we ensure that our staff, as well as students, embrace lifelong learning and participating in continuous professional development is part of every job description. We educate ourselves about the society we live in to inform ourselves and our students, celebrating diversity and learning about the many injustices in our communities. We constantly explore, along with our students, how we can raise awareness of, and challenge, these injustices in appropriate and effective ways in order to be a part of the much needed change to make the world a better place for us all to live in.