10th - 12th October 2022

Residential at the college (3 days, 2 nights)


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Level 2 

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Conflict is inevitable. You cannot always agree with everything other people say and do and, in some instances, you may need to challenge others on behalf of yourself or as an advocate for someone else. Bullying, by its very nature, creates conflict, however, many people tend to avoid conflict because it can be unpleasant, stressful and is usually perceived negatively. Most of us are familiar with bullying at school, however, bullying affects many people from all walks of life and can take place anywhere. Perhaps you are in a relationship, job or social circle where bullying takes place and need to learn how to respond effectively to protect yourself and others. Or perhaps you just want to understand others better. Either way, this course is a great introduction to the challenges and effective responses for dealing with these issues.

During this course you will explore:

  • Possible causes of conflict as well as the various forms it can take
  • Bullying and harassment: what they are, how they work and the  impact on others
  • Stages in the development of conflict
  • How to respond effectively to situations of bullying to resolve conflict and improve interactions with others

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Entry requirements 

You must e working at Level 1 in literacy and in employment or aiming to gain employment.