Residential at the College 

Understanding dyslexia is an introductory course looking at what dyslexia is and how it can be supported using a variety of strategies. This course gives a historical perspective of how dyslexia was first recognised. The course covers the common characteristics and how it may affect an individual’s learning.

We will look at the barriers to learning and how to remove barriers as well as strategies for supporting others with dyslexia. This course will help to improve your confidence and develop your awareness, if you are dyslexic or if you are supporting others with dyslexia. It will also enable you to see if you need to further develop your own learning strategies or need to develop your understanding further.

This course is for those of you who are interested in developing your understanding of dyslexia.  Primarily this is a course for those working in the education sector however, you may also be someone in the workplace who wants to develop your knowledge.


11th April 2022 - 13th April 2022 (3 Day - 2 Night)



3 day (2 night) residential courses cost from £0 - £50 depending on your income

Entry Requirements

You must be working at an entry-level 3 or above in literacy. 


Level 2 

Learning Outcomes 

You will look at different models of dyslexia and identify the key qualities of those with dyslexia; it’s not all about challenges and barriers! You will cover the history of dyslexia in terms of how the education system supported learners and the often negative impact of this. 

You will have the opportunity to research a famous dyslexic role model to share with your group.  We will show you elements of how challenging it can feel to be in a classroom that works against a dyslexic learner as well introducing you to strategies for reading and writing.

You will cover:

  • What is Dyslexia; the basics​
  • Qualities of Dyslexia​
  • History of Dyslexia​ including ITA
  • Strategies for reading​
  • Strategies for writing​
  • Famous people who are Dyslexic 


This could be a stand-alone introductory course or you can look at attending our other courses in the education area or the workplace area depending on what is right for you.

Meet your Tutor 

Patricia Blackman 

I have a very personal interest in dyslexia and have personal experience of the positives of being dyslexic alongside the potential challenges an individual may face along the way.