Understanding dyslexia is an introductory course looking at what dyslexia is and how it can be supported. This course looks at how dyslexia was first recognised, the common characteristics and how it may affect an individual’s learning. The course also looks at how to remove barriers to learning as well as strategies for supporting other people with dyslexia.   This course can help to improve your confidence if you are dyslexic or if you are supporting others with dyslexia.   It will also enable you to see if you need to further develop your own learning strategies or need to develop your understanding further.


Date and Time 

8th February 2021- 10th February 2021


(3 Days- 2 Nights)

Level  Level 1 
Learning Outcomes 
  • You will develop your understanding of dyslexia either for yourself, or to support others with dyslexia.
  • You will also gain experience of what it is like to be in an educational environment with the support that is offered at Fircroft

  You may be interested in Psychology or health-related courses

To apply, please contact our Admissions team at [email protected]