Friday 24th - Sunday 26th March 2023



Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th May 2023



Friday 14th - Sunday 16th July 2023


Residential at the college (3 days, 2 nights)


3 day (2 night) residential courses cost from £0, £25 or £50 depending on your income


Level 1

Why is it that some people appear full of confidence, can express themselves with ease and have no problem asking for what they want and need; whilst others have low self-esteem, are treated poorly, and rarely have their needs met?

By taking this course, you will gain a deep insight into these issues. A lack of confidence and assertiveness skills, not only affects the way people see and treat us but how we perceive and treat ourselves. You may go along with other people’s ideas even when you disagree, just to keep the peace or find yourself being taken advantage of but don’t know what to do about it.

Sometimes you may feel angry but don’t know how to express yourself and either explode, then feel guilty or suffer in silence. As a result, we may avoid social interactions, put ourselves down and engage in other self-defeating, self-limiting behaviours.

During this course you will explore:

  • What it means to be confident and how to improve your confidence.
  • What assertiveness is and the techniques that can be applied to protect your
  • well-being, self-esteem and allow you to express who you truly are.
  • The negative effects of low confidence on your health and well-being
  • Ways to improve your decision-making skills and take control of your life.

Entry Requirements 

You must be working at Entry Level 3 in Literacy.