'Learning to create a better world'


'To promote social justice by providing adults with an excellent learning environment for personal, professional and political development.'


Inspiring and transformative - We strive to stimulate and enthuse individuals to develop their knowledge, confidence and skills to change their lives and communities for the better and for everyone to fulfil their potential.

Inclusive and diverse - We actively embrace the uniqueness of all individuals, instil a culture of dignity and respect and celebrate difference.

Supportive - We provide an environment which develops independence whilst recognising and responding to individual needs; an environment in which all flourish.

Collaborative - We are a community based on co-operation that shares knowledge and skills. We work in partnership wherever possible to leverage our uniqueness.

Develop and grow - As a learning organisation we are committed and open to continually improving what we do and how we do it so we can evolve and respond to a fast changing world.