Becoming a volunteer is an amazing gift you will be giving back to your community with the most valuable thing you have, your time. But knowing where to start as a volunteer can be difficult, in this course we will show you how to find volunteering opportunities which match your skills and interests, as well as helping you build your skills and confidence to be a great volunteer. Being a volunteer benefits people in a big way including the volunteer themselves! As well as a really good feeling of helping you will gain great experience which can be transferable to paid employment, you can build your employability skills and we bet you will make great friends too!


Date 24th February 2021 - 26th February 2021
Level Level 2 
Learning Outcomes

You will learn the following:

  • How to match yourself to volunteering opportunities
  • The skills of a volunteer
  • How to use your volunteer experience to help employment.

You may choose to progress onto the following courses: