Residential at the college

This course helps you to identify some of the symptoms, causes and effects of stress and introduces some coping strategies such as positive beliefs, time balance, and basic assertive techniques. You will also have the opportunity to practice relaxation techniques and understand the benefits of such strategies to help reduce tension and negative stress.


14th June 2021 - 16th June 2021 (3 Days - 2 Nights)


Level 1 

Learning Outcomes 

You will cover:

  • Understanding the term ‘stress’
  • Recognising some symptoms and effects of stress
  • Appreciate the potential causes of stress in life
  • Understanding how to use some coping strategies
  • Showing an understanding of the benefits of relaxation as a strategy
  • Using different techniques for relieving tension and stress 


You may choose to progress onto some of our other Personal and Social Development courses