You will learn about the symptoms, causes and effects of stress, and different ways of coping.

Such as being more positive, balancing your time, and basic assertive techniques. You will also practice relaxation techniques and understand the benefits of reducing tension and negative stress.

This is a 3-day residential course ( 3 days, 2 nights) taking place at the college with a total of 13 hours of tutor delivery.


6th November 2020 - 8th November 2020

Friday - Sunday

Level Entry-level 3 
Learning Outcomes 
  • Explore the symptoms of stress
  • Explore the possible causes of stress 
  • Explore the benefits of using relaxation as a strategy
  • Learn about the coping strategies in relation to stress
  •  Begin to explore a number of relaxation techniques 
Progression You may choose to progress onto some of our other Personal and Social Development courses