Academic And Career Skills Programme

Residential 3 days (2 nights) or non-residential x 3 days at the college each week

Monday 29th January - Friday 21st June 2024


Thinking about going to university or applying for a job that needs higher level skills? This course will introduce you to the academic skills you need to succeed as well as the chance to brush up on your English, maths and digital skills.


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Level 2

This course is designed if you want to develop the academic skills you need to progress to further study or a future career. The course is well-suited if you are looking to move on to Level 3 career-focused or academic qualifications and particularly if you are hoping to eventually progress to our very successful Access to Higher Education Diplomas starting in September 2024. You will focus on the skills you need to achieve in higher levels of study or to move towards the career you are aiming for, developing your confidence and identifying the future pathway that is most meaningful to you. We know it may have been some time since you studied at school or college so we will guide you through this course at a pace you can handle. Our teachers are well qualified in their subject areas and experienced in working with adults who have not been in education for some years. The programme of study will also include gaining the necessary qualifications in English, maths and digital skills to progress to future employment or study.

If you study with us as a residential student, you can immerse yourself into 3 days and 2 nights each week in your studies. Being a residential student is hugely beneficial in allowing you to leave behind your every day life, develop valuable connections with other students and create space for thinking and reflection.

If you study at the college as a non-residential student you will also study 3 days per week in college.

Don’t worry if your English, maths and/or digital skills need improving.  The course includes study of English, maths and digital skills to help you progress.

Please note that if you need to improve your maths, English or IT for this course, you may be required to attend extra lessons.

Awarding Body 

This qualification is accredited by the AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group (previously Open College Network West Midlands)

More about the course

You will study a wide range of subjects that will increase your knowledge and skills in a variety of subject areas, allowing you to think about how your personal experiences and interests can be used in new and exciting ways.

  • Critical thinking
  • Career Planning
  • Word processing
  • Introduction to history  
  • Introduction to literature 
  • Introduction to social psychology 
  • Sociology of health 
  • Introduction to life sciences
  • Information literacy
  • Working in a group
  • Oral communication skills 

You will be assisted to develop academic and work-related skills such as writing and note-taking, presenting and discussing ideas, using IT programmes and finding sources of information. As well as this we will study a variety of introductory subjects in humanities, social sciences and health to help you find or further your passion.

Entry Requirements 

You need to have:

  • Literacy Level 1 (proven by previous qualifications or Entry Assessment)
  • Mathematics Entry Level 3 (proven by previous qualifications or Entry Assessment)

The application process will include a short interview.

The course will require use of a laptop. If you do not currently have access to a laptop, the college may be able to help with this.


On successful completion of this course, you may be able to progress onto one of our Access to Higher Education Diplomas starting in September 2024, which are great stepping-stones to university, with all of our successful students being offered places at university, over the last 4 years. The course will also equip you to apply elsewhere to study higher level skills or to seek a career.  We will explore a range of career-related future pathways throughout the course to ensure that you are able to make informed decisions about where your experiences, passions and skills might take you.