ESOL Speaking and Listening – Entry-Level 3

Every Monday at the college (10 weeks, non-residential)

Monday 30th September - Monday 2nd December 2024


You will engage in various speaking activities, such as presentations, discussions, and role-plays, to enhance your confidence and ability to communicate effectively in different contexts.

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This course is free to everyone


Entry-Level 3

Please note:

You will be required to participate in speaking activities such as presentations, discussions, and role-play, to improve your confidence and your ability to communicate well in different situations.

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their English language skills.

The course begins by developing your ability to speak English clearly and with confidence. You will learn how to overcome speaking anxiety, such as learning breathing techniques and how to speak so that people can hear you. During the course you will be involved in discussions, presentations, and role-plays. You will practice sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas clearly with the other students, along with learning the right body language and tone of voice to get your point across.

You will also focus on improving the way you pronounce words and your tone of voice to help other people understand what you are saying.

The course includes active listening skills, helping you to understand and respond to spoken English. You will practice listening activities, such as listening to lectures, interviews, and conversations, and you will participate in exercises to enhance your listening skills and improve your ability to understand important information. You will learn how to take notes, summarise and clarify questions to improve your understanding and ability to participate in conversations and presentations.

Entry Requirements

You must be working at Entry-Level 3 in Literacy, or above