Introduction to History

3 days and 2 nights at the college

Wednesday 24th - Friday 26th July 2023


If you are fascinated by historical events and the past, this Introduction to History course is a great first step to understanding how the world has evolved over time. 


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Level 2

Are you someone with a keen interest in history?  This may be as a hobby or you may be someone who would like to go on to further study in this area.  Either way, this course is for you! You will experience a great introduction to history as well as how we define history. You will look at what resources and research is available to Historians and the strengths and weaknesses of both primary and secondary sources.  You will look at history from a variety of perspectives in order to evaluate sources and their impact on our knowledge and understanding of particular periods in History. 

During the course, we will cover where to research and find reliable information as well as the effect of bias in Historical writing. Anyone applying for the Pre-Access or Access will benefit from completing this short course introduction.

This course is for those who have a real interest in history as a subject. You may have a specific focus that you want to further research or you may want to pursue this area in order to work in a career involved with history. 

We live in a world where history used to be quite a one-sided account.  This course will allow you to look at historical accounts and objectively identify inaccuracies and truths.  You will be able to develop your own historical research to present back to your peers so his course also allows you to focus on your own historical areas of interest.

During this course we will learn how:

  • To understand the term ‘history’​
  • To understand what we mean by history ​
  • To understand the purpose of history​
  • To identify primary and secondary sources
  • To understand the reliability and validity of sources
  • Historical timelines work

Entry Requirements

You must be working at literacy Level 1, or above