Functional Skills English: Speaking and Listening

3 days and 2 nights at the college

Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th June 2024


This course will improve your oral communication skills, including speaking fluency, pronunciation, active listening, and interpersonal communication.


This course is FREE for everyone


Entry-Level 3

Please note:

You will be required to engage in various speaking activities, such as presentations, discussions, and role-plays, to enhance your confidence and ability to communicate effectively in different contexts.

This course is for anyone whose native language is English and who would like to develop their ability to speak and listen.

The course begins by developing participants’ speaking fluency and confidence. You will learn strategies for overcoming speaking anxiety, such as effective breathing techniques and vocal projection exercises. You will engage in activities that promote speaking clearly, including discussions, presentations, and role-plays. You will practice expressing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas clearly and coherently, while developing effective communication strategies, such as using appropriate body language and tone of voice.

You will also focus on improving your pronunciation and intonation. You will learn to recognise and produce the sounds of English accurately, focusing on individual sounds, stress patterns, and word and sentence stress. Through listening and pronunciation exercises you will develop your ability to communicate clearly and be understood by others.

The course emphasises active listening skills, enabling you to understand and respond effectively to spoken English. You will practice various listening activities, such as listening to talks, interviews, and conversations, and engage in exercises to enhance your listening comprehension and develop your ability to extract key information. You will learn techniques for note-taking, summarising, and clarifying questions to enhance your understanding and engagement during conversations and presentations.

Entry Requirements

You must be working at Entry-Level 3 in Literacy, or above


As well as completing the rest of the programme, you will be able to work effectively at Entry-Level 3 for English.