Access to HE students all pass despite lockdown

A huge congratulations to all of our Access to HE Diploma (Social Science & Humanities) and (Social Science and Health) students for successfully completing the course and whilst under lockdown. 

We are extremely proud of the resilience and determination displayed by these students in quickly adapting to online learning and completing the course with us. The Access to HE course is very demanding as it combines 2 years of work into 9 short months allowing the students to go off to university if they so wish. 

To celebrate their achievements in true lockdown style, we put together a virtual event led by our Curriculum Manager and Access to HE Tutor Angela Bate; all students were gifted a yearbook and shared their fondest memories of their time at the college. 

“I would like to reiterate some of the comments in the yearbook thank you, classmates, for the support and laughs especially those from Pre-Access. You’ve restored my faith in humanity with your kind, creative and open minds and hearts. Thank you for the support from staff and teachers as well as the encouragement… it’s given me a lot of confidence.”

Jack Matthews, Student President

“Thank you for the impact you’ve had on the rest of the college. Proving the Pre-Access course works and setting such a great example of studying in the common room. Well Done!”

Michael Conway-Jones, Vice Principal

We sincerely wish all of our students the best of luck and success in the future and will leave you with a lovely poem written by our Principal Mel Lenehan. 

A tale of joy and hope: An ode to Access 2020

I missed your first week.

I was sharing stories of those who came before you.

This could be you I said when we first met.

And now that is you.

Your reaction when I introduced myself was priceless and very funny.

We’ve had tears, tantrums and torment and that was just the lunch breaks.

You made the common room your own space and inspired those who will follow you.

You tried Sociocracy.

You have achieved more than you thought possible.

We never doubted it.

You have the best teachers and support.

You had Trish.

You embraced the unknown.

You are brave.

There is no going back.

You are the future.

Whatever that may be.

Shape it.

Be a part of it.

Be joyful of your Fircroft time.

We have such hope for you all.