Danny came to Fircroft College in recovery from alcohol addiction and he joined a 12 week residential employment course which he thoroughly enjoyed.  Danny says he felt so incredibly welcome at the college, by all staff, which helped him to enjoy his course.  Danny also felt very supported by the college and on the few occasions he felt he could not continue, his tutors did everything to help him to succeed. Which he did.  The residential experience really helped Danny to focus on his studies.  He would have found it challenging commuting to his course every day and being able to relax, study in the library in the evenings and concentrate just on himself and his course, as a resident, allowed Danny to achieve.

When Danny first came to the college he suffered from the affects of isolation after COVID-19 lockdown and not being part of any social group. Coming to the college helped Danny to socialise with others who were improving their lives through learning, in a safe and supportive space and to regain his confidence.

As part of his learning journey, Danny then went on to study Level 2 and Level 3 Mental Health and Wellbeing courses which have now resulted in him gaining a job as a Recovery Support Worker with a local charity. 

Danny felt he was truly treated as an individual at Fircroft and has continued to attend courses at Fircroft to increase his knowledge and career prospects. Take a look at the video below to find out where Danny is now and how we have helped him to pursue his future ambitions: