I studied one of the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 3 Awards at Fircroft in 2022 and will always be grateful

In 2022 I was promoted to Manager at my workplace after several years working there and I went from being “one of the team” to being their Manager.  It was a challenging transition and a job I relished and felt able to do but I needed to suddenly learn some formal leadership skills to help me.  The ILM Level 3 Award at Fircroft really appealed to me as it focuses on me as a manager, my natural leadership style and how to use it to get the best from my team.  The Award also gives me the bigger picture of why my organisation and its culture is as it is, explains how challenges can occur sometimes and it gives some useful insights into how to overcome those challenges as a leader. 

The difference about studying at Fircroft is that I could get away from my pretty hectic home life and the day-to-day demands of my work, and focus on myself.  I was slightly nervous about going back into education after so long but I found the college very welcoming, supportive and with the course being residential I could really concentrate on my studies.  I could talk to other students in the evening about the course.  Being away from everything over 2 weekends to get a recognised management qualification, was time well spent and it has really helped me at work.

Since the course I have become a more confident manager.  I wanted to try out what I learned and now I ensure I discuss things with my team and listen to them (we have had a few Action Learning sessions), I have developed my own leadership style and I think more strategically. 

I feel that studying the ILM Level 3 Award provided me with a lot of growth and learning which has continued into my work with my team.  I am a more confident Manager.