Kayum joined the college in 2022.  Going to school near Fircroft he had always wondered what the place was like – how the building looked and what was down the drive leading from the Bristol Road in Birmingham.  Five years ago Kayum found himself homeless with nowhere to go.  He suffered from mental health issues as well as addiction and realised there is very little accessible support for someone who lives on the streets and has no fixed home.  Kayum felt he needed social rather than medical support and when one of his friends went into recovery at a local support service, Kayum followed him. 

Now in recovery, studying at Fircroft has helped Kayum to understand his addiction more as well as learning about himself and his anxiety and depression.  He has also learnt about how to support others in the same situation.  Being at the college has made Kayum realise he is not alone and that other people also suffer from mental health challenges – especially after the restrictions and threat that the COVID-19 lockdown presented – when he felt extremely isolated. 

Kayum particularly likes the grounds at the college and feels they have helped him to relax during his studies.  The 6 acres of gardens along with a calm and mature college have enabled him to go back into education, and enjoy it.  As he says – “it’s not like school”.

Having studied a number of courses around personal and social development, Kayum completed the Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health and Wellbeing and then went on to study the 6 month Academic and Career Skills Programme (ASCP). Hoping to pursue a career in psychology focusing on trauma and addiction, so that he can help others. Following lots of hard work on the ACSP course, leading to achievement, we were delighted to welcome Kayum onto the Access to Higher Education (Social Science and Humanities) diploma .  With his determination we are sure Kayum will achieve his career aspirations!